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5 Rustic Wedding Natural Wood Essentials from ManMade Woods

Rustic Weddings are very popular these days, and we're honored to be a favorite go to for decorating these special days! A good rustic wedding needs some essential additions to its décor to really pass the test of time. The all natural, handmade, fully customizable, rustic wood products that we create are not only going to wow the guests, but they'll be amazing party favors and keepsakes for the special couple. Below we'll list our most popular 5 rustic wedding natural wood essentials for your special day.

1. Custom Wood Table Numbers - View Here »

These natural wood table numbers are individually hand engraved, and fully customizable to fit your needs or design. We can even embed an image to your table number instead, or in addition to the engraving.

Just imagine seeing the beautiful couple displayed beautifully to a natural wood background at the center of each table, now that's a conversation starter!

2. Heart Burned Wood Coasters - View Here »

If you go with the custom engraved/burned heart coasters or just plain wood coasters, they'll be a beautiful addition to each place setting.

Depending on the size of your wedding and your guest list, if you don't want to fill each table with these, maybe just reserve them for the lead table. They would also make great gifts to take home for each of those lucky guests at the head table.

3. Heart Engraved Wood Log Candle Holders - View Here »

Keep the love burning with these beautiful heart engraved wood log candle holders. They come in a variety of heights, and you can engrave a heart, or get the larger version with the heart and special couples initials engraved inside the heart. These each hold replaceable tea lights, so you can tailor them to any color depending on the weddings theme.

Great features and center pieces for each and every table!

4. Natural Wood Cutting Board & Serving Tray - View Here »

These natural wood cutting boards also serve as a striking serving tray or center piece. Depending on the size of your cake, a number of people have used them to display the wedding cake. Typically we engrave the lucky couples names, along with that special date.

You can bet this will be a keepsake the newlyweds will cherish for a lifetime!

5. Natural Wood Ring Holders - View Here »

Can you think of a better way to hold and then present those special rings at a rustic wedding than in custom engraved natural wood ring holders?!

We have a couple models to choose from depending on your taste, and we can engrave whatever you would like on them. Typically, they fittingly say Mr. and Mrs., along with the special wedding date.

Depending on if you're the one planning the rustic wedding, or you're a guest looking for that special gift for the newlyweds, I truly hope these ideas help add to the special day. A lot of our other items would also fit in beautifully so have a look around, and feel free to reach out to us with any questions. A great place to start looking is the 'Sweethearts' category!

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