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🚚 FREE Shipping on Orders Over $49

Ideas On Personalized Unique Handmade Wood Gifts

It can be very difficult finding that right gift for somebody. You always hear the old moniker that it’s always best to give something from the heart. Well with all of our ManMade Woods selection, you can personalize each item to be unique for the one you love. You will also know that the gift will be meticulously handmade with care as if you personally made it for them. All ManMade Woods products adhere to the highest quality standards possible. Below we'll list some great ideas on personalized unique handmade wood gifts that you can create through us here at ManMade Woods.


Embed any image or custom burn any message...

We wanted to go over some of our customization options for you to have a full understanding of all the possibilities. If you would like a specific phrase or name hand written on your product, we can burn that on for you. Or do you have a specific image or logo in mind that you would like to encapsulate forever? We can embed that on to the natural wood background, bringing the image to life. This is all possible on any of our coasters, cutting boards, cell phone holders or ring holders.


Personally engraved in to the bark!

One of the most unique aspects of our products is that they’re all completely natural, typically holding the natural bark original to the once majestic tree. Ever see somebody carve their initials with a heart around it on a tree? Well we took that a step further with our personally engraved heart + initials candles. We also engrave into the bark of other items to personalize them for you. The bark engraving can be added to any of our log candles, branch candles, acoustic speakers or anything with an inch or more of bark really.

Handmade ring holders with that special date added on

Speaking of hearts, our ring holders make an amazing gift for that special someone in your life. These have also been used in weddings for ring bearers, creating a keepsake to last a lifetime. Or are you trying to think of a unique way to propose? Put that special ring in our beautiful wood ring holder to ensure an amazing presentation she won’t forget. Once she opens it up, she’ll see the ring sparkle, the "Will You Be Mine?" engraved on, and the rest is history!

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