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🚚 FREE Shipping on Orders Over $49

🚚 FREE Shipping on Orders Over $49

How does ManMade Woods find our environmentally friendly natural wood to work with?

One thing ManMade Woods NEVER does is cut down a live beautiful tree!

Our mission is to preserve the beauty of trees and turn them in to one of kind pieces of art to last a lifetime. So we’re constantly on the lookout for naturally fallen trees to pick up and save from just rotting away. We walk around the beautiful woods of Wisconsin to hunt down the hidden gems on the forest floor. Never harming the environment in any way, just preserving nature as it should be.

The second part of our mission is to save trees that were cut down by tree cutting services or landscapers. Typically, these trees were cut down because they were already dying. But once cut, they sit around in yards waiting to either rot away or be turned in to firewood. We take the loss of these beautiful trees, and turn it in to a positive. There are piles of logs just waiting to be saved and preserved.

It’s always amazing seeing the transformation of these previously destitute logs in to our beautiful new ManMade Woods creations. We hand craft each branch to become the unique keep sakes you know and love. Often custom made to order for you and yours. There’s a lot of love and time that goes in to each product, and we’re always excited to see another finished item leave the shop. Plus, for every item sold, another new tree is planted through our partnership with One Tree Planted!

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