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🚚 FREE Shipping on Orders Over $49

Custom Handmade Rustic Wood Tables Out of Tree Stumps

A great table can be the centerpiece of any room. Our handmade rustic wood tables will be the envy of anybody that walks in your home! The possibilities are endless of how to make different tables out of natural tree wood. Each one is unique and different from the last, as the shapes and sizes vary from tree to tree. Each one hags different grain, different bark depth and variation. You can choose to keep the natural bark on the log, or have it barkless and show the beautiful grain on the side as well. The log table can just sit on the ground without legs, caster wheels can be added to help move it easier, or a wide arrange of legs can be added.

These tables can hold sentimental value too, a lot of people become attached to certain trees in their yard. If a favorite tree of yours dies and needs to be cut down, or is taken too soon by a storm, you can preserve a piece of it and get a beautiful table while you’re at it. We will list a few steps below to show how you can create your own rustic wood tree table.

How to create your own tree log table:

    1. Find the right, already downed tree log. One that holds the characteristics you like (grain/bark - type/size), imagine it as a finished table. Make sure the wood is dry, if the tree was dead it shouldn’t take long, if not, let it sit out in the sun a couple months before getting to work. Otherwise, your table top will crack in time (sometimes, people like the cracks anyways!), small cracks on the ends are natural as the wood dries though.
    2. Using a chain saw, cut the tree into the height you would like your table to be. Try to make the cuts on top/bottom to be as parallel as possible to save you planing/sanding work later. Generally, side tables/coffee tables are 18”-22” tall. Cut yours an extra couple inches long to account for loss in the next steps.
  1. Now you have the basic shape of your table, here begins the finishing steps. If you got it generally level top to bottom with the original cuts, you can skip to belt sanding right away to finish it off. If it’s not level, use a planer/level to level the top down to your liking. Once done with either steps, use a rotary sander to nicely finish off the top (and sides if you chose barkless).
  2. Once the log is shaped and sanded down, we recommend you add a few coats of clear polyurethane to protect it. This isn’t 100% necessary, but will really bring out the grain color and add a lot of protection to your piece. Lightly sand between each coat with steel wool or fine sand paper. You can also finish it off with 100% natural oils, this won’t fill the small cracks as much though, and you will need to re-apply more often.
  3. Throw whatever wheels or legs you’d like on the bottom and you’re done! Or, you can choose no wheels and start using it as is. Enjoy!

If you take advantage of these steps, please send us pictures of your finished table and we can share it to our social pages. If you have any questions on how to do anything,feel free to hit us up.

OR, if you just would like us to build your table for you, we can do that. However, these are very heavy pieces and depending on size, shipping can be an issue. If you live close to us here in Wisconsin, we can deliver your unique table to you.

Reach out to us if you have any questions, or want us to build you a tree log table! »

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