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Unique Fall and Halloween Rustic Wood Decor

The chill is in the air, the forests are bursting with color. Fall is upon us, it can be a uniquely mystifying time of year. For a lot of people, it's their favorite time of year. Everybody is looking to bring the beauty of the fall season outdoors, to enjoy inside through your unique seasonal décor. There's no better way to encompass this season in your home than with our artisan handmade rustic wood creations. All created out of the natural trees in the woods of Wisconsin, which bring us so much beauty this time of year. Below we'll show off our unique fall and Halloween rustic wood decor ideas for you to enjoy.

With our variety of options, we wanted to display them all here in one place for you to check out and see what fits your home best. First off, everybody needs pumpkins this time of year, but it's always a bummer to just watch them decay away year after year. So we have created our very popular wood log pumpkins, which will last all season long, and every year after that! Speaking of pumpkins, we have our natural wood coasters with various Jack O' Lantern faces imprinted on top, perfect for the season and any Halloween party. Once the season culminates in Thanksgiving, it's a perfect time for our 'Thankful' coasters. Plus... really any of our candle holders are a great addition forv setting the mood this season, or any other really!

View our full list of fall decor and gifts here »

Fall also brings something else we're passionate about around here... FOOTBALL! We invented a unique football board game, that is perfect for tailgating, to play during the big game, or any other time really. Also, October brings the MLB playoffs. Here in Wisconsin we're big in to tailgating, our baseball board game is ideal for that. Both games are totally unique and will wow your friends at the party!

We're always coming up with new ideas, so be sure to check back or stay tuned on our social pages for new fall and seasonal options. Also, any unique ideas you may have? Let us know, we're always open to create new custom creations.

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