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'Tastes Good' Personalized Family Heirloom Wood Board Serving Tray

One of the most cherished things in this life are family heirlooms. Something that holds a memory of loved ones, something that becomes timeless, and priceless. But who's to say an heirloom has to be something old, and can't be something we can create now to pass on down our family tree? This personalized family heirloom wood board has actual writing on it from various members of my family. But not only that, its also in the various languages that their particular family roots hold strong.

Personalized Family Heirloom Wood Tray

Each phrase says “Tastes Good” (basically) in the various languages. My grandmother wrote in German, my uncle in Arabic, mother in Polish and I wrote in English. After they wrote it in pencil, I simply burned that writing in to the wood to last a lifetime, then varnished over it. Now, this board basically has my families roots and full blended culture burnt in to become one. As time passes, I'm sure this will only become more cherished.

This just goes to show the value that we can create out of something pretty simple. Some would just see a board of wood, with some writing, but you add it all together and it becomes something special. This is just like every single piece we create from hand that leaves our shop. Especially the custom work, personalized with people's names, initials and so on. We put a lot of love in to everything we create, and are so happy to have ManMade Woods as part of your life.

Want your own? Or have any other ideas you'd like us to help bring to life?

If you ever have any ideas like this board, or anything else, even if it's nothing we've created before (especially then!), please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to make your ideas come to life!

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