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Free Shipping On All Orders Over $39!

The Fiasco Drinking Game Made Out of Natural Solid & Stained Hardwood

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Product Description

The Fiasco Drinking Game!

Have fun with either soda, beer or your favorite spirit with this unique handmade drinking game. The Fiasco Drinking Game is perfect for tailgating or a night with friends and family. You can use any liquid to play this game, root beer or water is an option too! :)

How does it work? To start, each team will roll the dice once and whoever rolls the highest will go first. Each person or team gets 3 shot cups per game and gets 2 rolls per turn to roll either a 1, 2 or 3. Once you roll a 1, your opponent will take the #1 shot cup off the board and will drink that corresponding cup. Once the #1 has been pulled, you can't roll a 1 again. From there, . . . Read More

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