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No matter what you like to drink, the best options still come in that classic glass bottle. Everybody has their own bottle openers, but nobody has something as unique as this wood branch handheld bottle opener. These aren’t your average mass produced bottle openers, these are handmade every step of the way. They come in a variet of wood choices, ranging from oak, elm and birch. You can also personalize yours to add a name of your choice.

This wood branch handheld bottle opener won’t only get the job done, but it’ll be a conversation piece when your opening bottle after bottle for you and your guests. Stand out from the crowd and party in style.

Product Dimensions:
4” Long x 1” Diameter

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What kind would you like?

Bark Bottle Opener, Barkless Bottle Opener, Birch Bottle Opener, Engraved Bottle Opener

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