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Have fun with either soda, beer or your favorite spirit with our unique handmade wood baseball drinking game. Perfect for tailgating or a night with friends and family. You can use any liquid to play this game, root beer or water is an option too! 🙂

How does it work? Just like baseball, to score a run (or drink), you need to make it around all of the bases by rolling a single dice. This game can have 2 to as many evenly balanced teams as you’d like. Each team will have 3 “outs” to get as many players around the bases as they can within 9 different turns or “innings”. To start, each team will roll the dice once and whoever rolls the highest will go first. Each roll of the dice will represent what base the cup will advance to. A 1 will go to first base, 2 to second, 3 to third and 4 will be a home run. If you are on first and roll a 4, that 1st base player will automatically score and provide you 1 run (or shot) that the other team will need to take per run scored. If you roll a 5, that is a double play and automatically served 2 outs to your team. A 6 is a single out. Once you get 3 outs, the other team goes. Keep a tally of your drinks and either take sips per run, shots per run or any other fun method you’d like. After 9 innings, the game is over. During each base advancement, simply move the cup around the diamond.

We have natural wood dice that we hand make which we can include with each wood baseball drinking game for a $5 charge (shown in the picture), otherwise you can use any dice that you’d like. There is a secret compartment built into each board to store the dice for future use.

The cup slots will hold a standard size shot glass which you can add on for an additional charge or use your own. This game comes with instructions.

**CUSTOM ENGRAVING AVAILABLE** (Contact us with your request)

**If you are drinking alcohol with this game, please drink responsibly and you must be over the age of 21.

Additional information

Light or Dark Stain?

Light Stain (as pictured), Dark Stain

Custom Engraving?

Yes (up to 8 letters), No (as pictured)

Dice & Cup?

Yes Dice Only, Yes Cup Only, Yes Dice & Cup, No Dice or Cup

1 review for Wood Baseball Drinking Game Made Out of Natural Solid & Stained Hardwood

  1. Jim Brodbek

    LOVE this game! It’s simple, yes, but fun and effective ;). I was able to get “Brewers” engraved on the top where it originally said baseball which was pretty cool. I didn’t opt for the cup but kind of wish I did looking back as it fits the tailgate theme, oh well. I love wood grain and went with the dark stain which really pops.

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