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Our custom etched initials natural wood tealight or votive candle holder is the perfect addition to your home decor. Or surprise that special someone with a unique gift expressing your love for them anytime of the year. These also make great centerpieces for rustic weddings and come with the natural wood in tact and sealed with a beautiful clear sheen to protect it to last forever. Since we only use already down trees and never cut to sell, each candle holder we make is unique to its own which closely resembles the photo shown, but as all wood is different, there will be variances in the bark and texture. Each piece we cut is hand chosen and something we feel is a beautiful piece of art and something we’d feel proud displaying in our homes.

Our wood candle holder comes in 2 options. The standard tealight sized hole (1.25″ diameter) or our glass votive sized hole (2″ diameter). The tealight hole is drilled so the top of the tealight sits as close to flush to the top of the wood candle holder as we can which is drilled down roughly 1/2″ into the wood. The glass votive is drilled so that a standard sized glass votive holder goes down so about 50% of its height is exposed which is roughly 1.25″ deep.

During checkout, please type the 2 initials you’d like carved into this item and in the order you’d like in the comments or memo field of the checkout process.

The candle holder is 5″ tall and roughly between 3″ to 4″ diameter. If you’d like something closer to 4″ versus 3″ diameter, please send us a message immediately after placing your order.

(Does not include tealights, votive candles or votive holders.)

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