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🚚 FREE Shipping on Orders Over $49

🚚 FREE Shipping on Orders Over $49

Unique Handmade Branded Gifts and Marketing Tools That Make an Impact

Great Branding Opportunities & Corporate Gifts that will get people talking!

We have all received business cards, magnets or team schedules that aren't very exciting, and often just get thrown out. Even though a lot of time and investment go in to creating these marketing tools, they're just not unique or interesting enough to make an impact. However, imagine receiving unique handmade branded gifts like a rustic wooden coaster or cell phone holder that seamlessly features the companies name and logo. This, is an item that will be kept, actively used and admired, featuring your companies or parties name here on out. Creating a real impact, the gift that keeps on giving for you and the lucky recipient. A great marketing tool that will really make an impact. A great way to stand out from the pack, and build yourself up as a premiere brand.

Almost all of our handmade products can be personally customized. We can artistically embed multi-colored images and logos straight to the wood grain, beautifully showcasing the logo and possible information. Our design team works one on one with the client to make sure it will really pop. Once the image is added, its sealed to last.

The most popular branded gift would be our natural wood coasters. These come in a variety of options with various wood choices, featuring the natural bark or not, depending on what look fits your brand best. These can also be turned into magnets, which will definitely garner a lot more attention than any other typical magnet. Another popular option, is our cell phone holders and docking stations. These are typically used on your night stand to hold the phone, or on your desk, either way, will be seen very often.

If you have any questions, or inquiries about any other possible idea not mentioned, reach out and we will work something out that works best for you.

Stand out from the rest, and really make an impact! View the branding options here »

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