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🚚 FREE Shipping on Orders Over $49

Personalized Family Heirlooms To Last A Lifetime with ManMade Woods

Some of the most treasured and cherished items in our life can be family heirlooms. These items, regardless of size, or original price, become priceless over time and behold special meaning. The very sight of any of these heirlooms, brings back positive memories of great times, and loved ones. But what makes an heirloom? A lot of times, they're unique pieces, hand crafted, built to last a lifetime and passed down the family tree. Well to us at ManMade Woods, nothing evokes that personal connection with an item, than something that comes directly from nature.

Every item that comes out of the ManMade Woods shop is derived from already fallen trees that we find. Totally unique, individual works of art, created from once majestic trees, that slowly grew throughout the years to tower over the forest canopy. Each piece holds unique characteristics, different variations of bark, grain, color. Some have the branches coming out, unique looking knots, you can even count the rings to see how long that particular part of the tree was alive.

Certain trees hold special meaning to us all

Was there a special tree in your yard growing up that you had a swing on, that you climbed, or enjoyed picnics under? Perhaps special pictures were taking in front of or under this tree? Perhaps you planted it with a special person in your family or even engraved something on it? It's a sad feeling when a tree like this, which holds so many memories, naturally dies from a disease, old age, or drops from a bad storm, but these things happen. However, you can take that tree, which holds so much meaning to you, and turn it in to a work of art to last a life time!

Have an idea to create your own unique family heirloom? Reach out to us now »

How can ManMade Woods help?

You can send us any wood from any tree and we can mold it in to almost whatever you want. Just contact us with your situation and any ideas you may have, and we would be happy to develop a plan to create a special family heirloom for you, to help that tree live on in your own family tree for a lifetime and beyond.

How can we personalize your special piece?

You don't have to have a special tree though (although further personalizing one you do have is a great idea too of course!), we have plenty to choose from here, and we 100% guarantee that every single item is unique. Not only that, we love to personalize items for you. If that's through engraving a name, initials or symbols into the bark, burning anything you'd like on to the grain or embedding any image (even full color) to the wood. I've personally had an old image from when my grandmother was young imprinted on to a wood plaque for my grandmother, and she was absolutely blown away. There's no better feeling than when you give a unique gift like that to somebody and you can bet that item will last in my family forever.

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