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Wood Football Drinking Game

Have fun with either soda, beer or your favorite spirit with this unique handmade wood football drinking game. Perfect for tailgating or a night with friends and family. You can use any liquid to play this game, root beer or water is an option too! 🙂

How Does It Work?

Just like football, to score a touchdown (or drink), you need to make it from one end of the board to the other within 4 tries. The football drinking game can have 2 to as many evenly balanced teams as you’d like. Each team will have 4 “downs” to get as far down the field as possible. To start, each team will roll the dice once and whoever rolls the highest will go first. Each roll of the dice will represent one down and will determine how far your advance down the field. Each possession starts at the 20 yard line (2 spaces from the end zone).

The Specifics

If you roll a 1 it will be 10 yards (or 1 space), 2 will be 20 yards (2 spaces), 3 will be 30 yards (3 spaces) and four will be 40 yards (4 spaces). If you roll a 5, you must go back 1 space on the board and if you roll a 6 it’s an interception and an instant turnover where the other team starts where you left off. But if you don’t make it all the way to the end zone after 4 tries the other team starts where you left off as a turnover on downs. Each team will get 4 tries to score as many points as they can before the game is over. 4 tries equates to 4 quarters of play.

Each touchdown will count for 7 points. Once you score a touchdown, the other team must take a shot, take a sip or do whatever you have pre-planned to happen when each team scores. As you move down the field, you move your shot glass down the board to signify where you are. If you go backwards into your own end zone it is a safety which counts for 2 points for the opposing team, instant shot or drink and the other player gets the ball at their own 20. At the end, you can do a drinking waterfall if you choose with the winner on the top.

Easily stored between parties!

Each board has hinges on it so you can fold it up for easy transport.

We have natural wood dice that we hand make which we can include with each board for a $5 charge (shown in the picture), otherwise you can use any dice that you’d like. There is a secret compartment built into each board to store the dice for future use.

The cup slots will hold a standard size shot glass which you can add on for an additional charge or use your own. This game comes with instructions.

**CUSTOM ENGRAVING AVAILABLE** (Contact us with your request)

**If you are drinking alcohol with this game, please drink responsibly and you must be over the age of 21.

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