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What kid wouldn’t love this tree wood toy car with moving wheels?

This tree wood toy car with moving wheels is awesome! It’s created from a real tree wood log slice, and the wheels do in fact move. The car will definitely be on of the coolest toys in any kids collection. Plus, it’s totally handmade, from all natural, rustic materials. This car is designed to look like a bit of a speedy race car. It features the original bark on the roof, and front bumper, plus the wheels. There is a clear coat of sealer to finish it off, making sure there will be no worries of the bark coming loose, or any possible splinters. Every corner is carefully sanded smooth. This toy car is built strong, and to last.

The car is about 7” long and 3” tall. You no longer have to worry about the cheap plastic toy cars that break right away. This is built to be played with for years to come, or would even make a nice addition to any car collectors shelf.

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