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Shou Sugi Ban Style Burned Natural Tree Wood Coasters with Bark


Shou Sugi Ban Style Burned Natural Tree Wood Coasters with Bark (4 or 6 Pack). These coasters are hand cut and beautifully finished with a Japanese Shou Sugi Ban style burned finish! These wood coasters are 100% real cut from natural trees, dried, hand sanded and hand sealed with a water resistant finish to last a lifetime. Before we finish them, we lightly char the top to provide that beautiful rustic and modern look.

All of our artisan ‘Manmade Woods Coasters’ include the tree’s natural bark left on and intact. No need to worry about peeling or the bark falling off since we seal them with several coats of water resistant sealant which is food-grade safe. They’re all handmade in our work shop ensuring the highest quality and craftsmanship as you wouldn’t get out of a big box retail store. Each coaster is unique as they hold the natural lines and gran of the trees we cut down in the Wisconsin woods.

Dimensions: 3.5-4” Diameter x 1/4 to 1/2” THICK

***Since every tree is unique, your coasters made vary slightly from the picture shown. We also do not recommend leaving these constantly exposed to excessive heat and humidity or extreme cold to keep the clear coat as shiny as possible.***

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