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Round Barkless Cutting Board with Epoxy Resin

This round barkless cutting board with epoxy resin is a beautiful mix of natural rustic depth and modern flare. Featuring the rich wood grain circles, combined with the eye catching crack, seamlessly filled with a blue epoxy resin. We take a cutting board that naturally cracked on it’s own, and as we do around here, decided to create something spectacular and beautiful instead of letting it go to waste. This is a real eye catching piece and it’s sure to be a conversation starter. The combination of rustic and modern flare make it a versatile piece that fits all sorts of décor.

The sides and bottom of this board are protected with several coats of polyurethane. The top cutting surface has 4 coats of natural food grade cutting board conditioner and oils. As with all ManMade Woods products, each board will be totally unique. It will match this image close as we can, however the grain and particularly the naturally formed crack will be unique to it’s own. Each board will range from 9-11” in diameter and 1-2” thick.

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