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Our artisan ‘Manmade Woods Natural Tree Wood Round Holiday Candle Holder w/Snowflake’ includes its natural bark left on. We then hand etch a snowflake and tea light holes to offer as a great center piece! They’re all handmade in our work shop ensuring the highest quality. Each board is unique as they hold the natural lines of the tree’s we cut down in the Wisconsin woods.

After cutting down the tree, we slice it up in to boards and hand sand each board for hours to be incredibly smooth. Then we coat the bottom/bark with multiple layers of high grade polyurethane ensuring they’re water proof and the bark stays true. The top cutting surface is coated with 6 coats of food grade butcher block conditioner/oils that include natural waxes and are enriched with vitamin E.

Natural Tree Wood Round Holiday Candle Holder w/Snowflake
1.5-2” THICK x 8-9” Diameter


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