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The assorted rustic wood log candle holder set is a perfect way to bring some of mother nature into your home décor. Plus with this assorted set, you won’t have to choose between your favorite kind of wood. This features 3 varying heights of log candles, from 3”, to 4” and finally 5”. The 3 various woods are birch, a barkless elm, and the tallest will be a mixture of hard woods (ash, maple, oak, etc. with similar bark characteristics). You can choose to have your assorted rustic wood log candle holder set fitted or tealights, or glass votives.

ManMade Woods doesn’t cut down or harvest any live trees. We exclusively use already fallen recovered trees. Once we discover the lucky trees to be preserved, we hand make each and every one of our creations to be truly unique and of the highest quality. Finally, a coat of high grade sealant is added to preserve these natural wood items to last a lifetime.

3 Candle holders ranging from 3” – 4” – 5” Tall by 3.5-4” Diameter

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Tealights (pictured), Glass Votives

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